CANADA ESCHOOL and Ottawa Carleton E-School have now joined forces to serve you better as students, as parents and as education centres. Our two eSchools now share the same website, allowing students from both institutions to connect and learn together in one convenient place online.

  • Academic English
  • Academic Science
  • Advanced Functions
  • Biology
  • Biology: Grade 11- 12 (Documentation Available)
  • Business Leadership: Management Fundamentals
  • Business: Grade 9-10-12 (Documentation Available)
  • Calculus and Vectors
  • Canadian and International Law
  • Canadian and International Politics
  • Canadian and World Issues&Politics: A Geographic Analysis: Grade 12 (Documentation Available)
  • Career Studies
  • Career Studies and Work Experience: Grade 10-11-12 (Documentation Available)
  • Challenge and Change in Society- Grade 12 (Documentation Available)
  • Challenge and Change in Society, University Preparation
  • Chemistry
  • Chemistry: Grade 11- 12 (Documentation Available)
  • Civics and Citizenship
  • Civics And Citizenship: Grade 10 (Documentation Available)
  • College Preparation English
  • Earth and Space Science
  • Earth and Space Science: Grade 12 (Documentation Available)
  • English: Grade 8-9-10-11- 12 (Documentation Available)
  • Exploring Family Studies, Open
  • Family Studies: Grade 10-11-12 (Documentation Available)
  • Financial Accounting Fundamentals
  • Financial Accounting Principles
  • Financial Accounting: Grade 11-12 (Documentation Available)
  • Foundations for College Mathematics
  • Foundations of Mathematics, Applied
  • Functions
  • Functions and Applications
  • Grade 11 Financial Accounting Fundamentals
  • Grade 12 Business Leadership: Management Fundamentals
  • Grade 12 Financial Accounting Principles
  • History: Grade 10-11-12 (Documentation Available)
  • Human Development throughout the Lifespan, University/College Preparation
  • Human Development throughout the Lifespan: Grade 12 (Documentation Available)
  • Introduction to Anthropology, Psychology, and Sociology, University Preparation
  • Introduction to Anthropology, Psychology, and Sociology: Grade 11 (Documentation Available)
  • Issues in Canadian Geography, Academic
  • Issues in Canadian Geography: Grade 9 (Documentation Available)
  • Law: Grade 12 (Documentation Available)
  • Literacy Skills: Reading and Writing
  • Literacy Skills: Reading and Writing: Grade 10 (Documentation Available)
  • Mathematics of Data Management
  • Mathematics: Grade 9-10-11-12 (Documentation Available)
  • Ontario Secondary School Literacy Course
  • Physics
  • Physics: Grade 11- 12 (Documentation Available)
  • Principles of Mathematics, Academic
  • Science: Grade 10 (Documentation Available)
  • Science: Grade 9-12 (Documentation Available)
  • The Ontario Secondary School Literacy Course (Documentation Available)
  • The Writer’s Craft, University Preparation
  • University Preparation English
  • World History since the Fifteenth Century
  • World Religions And Belief Traditions: Grade 11 (Documentation Available)
  • World Religions and Belief Traditions: Perspectives, Issues, and Challenges, University/College Preparation
  • Writing: Grade 12 (Documentation Available)
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